Currently s/c Origo has a safe number of visitors.

Important information for visitors

ShopWorking daysSaturdaysSundaysChanges in working hours
CoverMe (Tunnel B)10:00-20:0010:00-20:0010:00-20:00till 31.12.2022
CoverMe (Stations 2nd floor)10:00-20:0010:00-20:0010:00-20:00till 31.12.2022
4., 5., 10.,
13., 15., 16., 22., 24., 27. october
Smaržu templis (Tunnel B)8:00-21:008:00-21:008:00-20:00CLOSED
15., 22., 29. october

If you need to clarify the opening hours of a particular shop, please, contact Origo information desk.

No COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificate is required to enter Origo shopping centre.

From 1 April:

  • restrictions on gatherings lifted,
  • maximum number of visitors at public events lifted,
  • requirement to show a certificate at caterers and service providers has been lifted,
  • restriction on sales areas has been lifted,
  • wearing medical masks or respirators is now a recommendation, not a requirement.

Recommendations on the use of medical masks, respirators, distancing, hand hygiene, disinfection of surfaces, ventilation of premises, etc. remain.

Thank you for your understanding!