Currently s/c Origo has a safe number of visitors. Entrance only with mouth and nose mask!

Exhibition in Origo square “Science Inspires”

The use of innovative and interactive technologies in shopping malls around the world has been a trend for several years, and Origo has also introduced innovative solutions

for a more comfortable everyday life for customers and a new shopping experience that would not be possible without scientific achievements and discoveries.

From September 16th in the square near the shopping center Origo, anyone can enjoy an open-air large-scale exhibition “Science inspires!”,

which tells about 50 scientists – creative and inspiring personalities in modern Latvian science. The exhibition consists of photo portraits and descriptions of researchers,

and using a QR code application, everyone can watch a three-minute video story on their smartphone thus getting to know both the scientist and the scientific field he represents.

Welcome to see the open-air exhibition in the Origo square!

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