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FISSMAN – these are not simple dishes, it’s a lifestyle!

FISSMAN – a leader in sales of dishes and household items. Our product range has more than 3,000 different products. Kitchen dishes, pans, pots, baking forms, dishes for children, various kitchenware and accessories.
We also offer great gifts for celebrations and the opportunity to buy gift cards.

With FISSMAN dishes, every dish will become a shepherd! Let in your home the pleasure of cooking, eating and enjoying.


Bring the old pan and get a new one

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Bring the old pan and get a new one

07.09.2020 - 30.09.2020

Only in September, FISSMAN stores have a "Trade-in" promotion - we accept old pans of any brand and size in exchange for a 50% discount on a new pan from FISSMAN! How does it work? Do you have an old pan that no longer handles its responsibilities? Just bring your old pan to the FISSMAN store - each old pan will turn into your 50% discount on a brand new pans from FISSMAN, with the high quality, safety and reliability guaranteed by the FISSMAN name.